In this section, you are going to learn how to download our code, build the project and run it on you own system.


All code starting with a $ is meant to run in your terminal. All code starting with a >>> is meant to run in a python interpreter, like ipython.

First, make sure you have installed go, and configured the $GOPATH.

Getting Repository

You can click here to access source code, or execute the following commands to clone code on github.

# open a $GOPATH
$ cd $GOPATH/src

$ mkdir -p

$ cd bitbucket/cpchain

# TODO: chain url
$ git clone


Run the command to compile and generate binary file in the chain directory.

$ cd chain
$ make clean
$ make all


You can find several executables in build/bin directory after building the project.

$ cd build/bin
$ ls
Command Description
cpchain Executable for the cpchain blockchain networks.
abigen Source code generator to convert CPChain contract definitions into easy to use, compile-time type-safe Go packages.
bootnode A lightweight bootstrap node to aid in finding peers in private networks.
contract-admin Executable for the cpchain official contract admin.
testtool Executable command tool for easy test.
transfer Executable for CPC transfer.
ecpubkey Return the public key given a keystore file and its password.
findimpeach Only for test purpose.
smartcontract For deploying smart contract.