MainnetChainId and MainnetNetworkId

All general configuration have been curated in configs/general.go. Two notable parameters are MainnetChainId and MainnetNetworkId.

The code below are cited from general.go. As we can see MainnetChainId is set to 337.

const (
    DevChainId         = 41
    MainnetChainId     = 337
    TestMainnetChainId = 42
    TestnetChainId     = 43

const (
    TestMainnetNetworkId = 0
    DevNetworkId         = 1
    TestnetNetworkId     = 2

These two parameters are the marks of Mainnet. If either of them is not as default setting, the chain does not sync with Mainnet. Any message from a node with different setting is regarded as useless information.

In addition, it is possible to start a private chain with its own network ID and chain ID. But it requires more settings like IP addresses for validators.

Configure a Private Network

To customize your own private chain, please modify the file core/genesis.go.

$ ./ dev
$ ./